What is Jyrah Productions Inc?

Jyrah Productions Inc. is a Christian based Production Company, providing Audio,TV,Film and Live Broadcasting services. Our Mission is to provide our clients with professional guidance toward their audio and video needs. our commitment is to help complete what God has already started and to them reach their full professional potential. You can feel confident in a company that has years of professional experience.

What is Jyrah Web TV?

A CHRISTIAN OTT & IPTV NETWORK. Enjoy some exclusive content from around the world that is faith based and free of obscene language and visuals that you and your family can be inspired by along with being entertained. Everything you can imagine from Sports Live Church Broadcasts to Live Talk Shows, Original Content, Indie Films, Web Series, News and Sports

How to access Jyrah Web TV on Roku and Amazon Devices

If you have a Roku or a Amazon account already, you can access the Jyrah Web Tv channel from the download section. Once downloaded to your device, you can watch great content from content creators from all around the world.

How many devices can I use to watch Jyrah Web TV at a time?

You can use as many devices as you like. There are no restrictions on the amout of devices you can use to stream content on Jyah Web TV

How can I get started

Please Log in or register and submit your trailer to be considered placement on JYRAH WEB TV. If accepted, your very own channel listing will be created and your On-Demand and/or Live content will be placed. Once your channel list is created, you will receive a channel ID# that is for referals#. This number is given to potential subscribers to JYRAH WEB TV. You will be paid $1.00 per subscription based on your Channel ID#(Referal#). Please note. JYRAH WEB TV is a Christian streaming platform. There is no need for network time programming. Your channel listing will be free from blockage/time slots. You also have full control of your commercials $ on your channel listing. Only original content that you own or have all necessary legal rights/permission will be concidered. We will contact each submitted trailer once review within two days. All submitted content must meet our guidlines. SUBMISSION GUIDLINES Your submitted content Must: • Be at least 3 minutes in length • Be HD quality or better – with dimensions 1080 or better • Contain title, opening and closing credits • Your content must not have obscene language or Adult content • Your content must be submitted in mp4 or mov format or provide a url link to the content. This process is for all submitted content types.